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Folsom BarbersTrue barbershops can be hard to find; many of today's so called barber shops are really beauty parlors masquerading as barber shops. In Folsom, however, one need only look as far as the corner of Persifer and Riley Streets to locate a real barbershop: the Folsom Barbering Company.

Folsom Barbers

The Shop, said owner Al Patton, occupies a small building that dates to 1919. Originally, the building was a residence in the Catlin Gardens subdivision that Patton had had his eyes on since the 1980's. There was one pesky detail, however, that prevented him from opening his shop right away: the house was occupied. Eventually, however, the inhabitant moved out, and Patton snatched up the property.
Al Patton spent three months renovating the place. They added new doors and windows and did electrical and plumbing work, while retaining some parts of the original structure, like the former houses old woodshed, chimney. The shop opened in 1991 at 701 Persifer Street.